Visual Merchandising & Props

Lights, Camera, Action!

Create beautiful and memorable moments by incorporating hand-crafted paper flower artistry. Bespoke props can be made to orchestrate any occasion or theme, to take it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Examples of what we can craft for you are:

  • Floral lettering
  • Centre pieces
  • Floral bunting
  • Floral picture frames
  • Cascading displays / Floral waterfalls
  • Floral scenes for baby photoshoots
  • Floral window displays
  • Event backdrops

All of our props will be created in consultation with you, to ensure we capture your brief perfectly. Check out our other floral solutions on our ‘What we do’ drop down, for inspiration.

Let your imagination flow!

Simply contact us to make your vision a reality

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Paper Flower Artistry

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